Thursday, February 12, 2015

Before 2015

CG Boat for the Film 'Goodbye Katya' - Modelling and Texturing, some Shading
Still from 'Doctor Ze' (Teaser) - Modelling, Texturing, Shading  
Cartoon Frog for 'Hizla Al' Online Store - Texturing, LookDev, Compositing for Print 
Still from 'Heart Machine' - Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health - Texturing, Modelling, Lighting Concept
Still from 'Butterfly's Dream' - BG Matte Painting
Opening Sequence for '8 Seconds' - Modelling, Texturing, Shading, Compositing
City for 'Listerine' - Modelling, Texturing, Precomp
Still from 'Birlesen Gönüler' - Visual Concept (Everything behind bridge is CG)

Shark Sculpt - Zbrush
Glass Frog - Personal Project, 2011 (All)
'Procedural Passionfruit' - Personal Project, 2011 (All)

Still from 'Paradroid' - Student Work, 2010, All

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